Thursday, September 20, 2007

20 Question Version of Go Where Your Consumer is...

Do you know where your target consumer's online socnet haunt is? Is it facebook, is it MySpace, is it Gather, Bebo, Ning? Is it the cute Yahoo mashup?

Are you listening to the socnet conversations your target is having? Is it passive listening or active listening? Are you monitoring the conversation pulse? Have you identified the influencers? Are you joining in to the conversation offline (emailing influencers, building relationships) and online, taking notes, paying heed to input, appreciating feedback, making changes? You know - embracing the multi-influencers' say.

Are you moving from the mindset of consumer to prosumer? Because you need to be, your target is already there. Your zealot target is on socnets keying their ideas to someone, are you listening? Are you asking for collaboration with R&D from a multi-influencer base?

Do you know what your target consumer's favorite widgets are? Are you creating them in your target's socnet space?

Or are you only developing online banners and maybe SEO/SEM that drive to your corporate site or a campaign microsite? Paying for strategic planning, ops, hosting, creative development and hoping the masses will still keep coming to a site just for you.

Hmmm...the prosumers have aggregated their content feeds into their socnet page/profile. So the content is coming to their page so they don't need to go out to the content sites that run the cool rich media panel ads anymore. Do you feel socnet is bleeding edge? It's actually leading edge and a perfect venue for conversation pulse - trend analysis.

There's definitely a need for an online media mix, I'm not suggesting anyone walks away from traditional online advertising, corp sites (your revenue stream), etc., just join in to the socnet conversation, it's time to take a deep dive (start with toe in the water if need be) and make socnet part of your online portfolio.

Kevin King, SVP of Edelman, recently shared with me and I'm paraphrasing "in online, content used to be king, now conversation is king."

Is conversation king with your organization?

Ok, so I asked 16 questions, more to come as I revise this...I'm exhausted.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Emmys are green, round & interactive

Read as the 5 "bloggers" key in what they are experiencing @ the EMMYs live @ . Now that, my friends, is pretty darn interactive (just stopping short of bleeding edge interactive - the masses being able to key to the Elite 5 to get even more engaged.)

All coming from Prospero.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The power of a tinyURL

My all time favorite quote is: It's not the moments you live, it's the moments that take your breath away.

I just had one of those "take your breath away" moments that wakes you up and makes you re-energized.

I just received Chris Brogan's latest twit:
Curse that JnSwanson . His blog post made me cry: That's a first.

Chris is an amazing social media mastermind always willing to encourage us noobs along the way. I recommend his blog to anyone I can - ask all my co-workers and MySpace & fb friends.

I have to tell you though, Jon Swanson's post moved me, no it shook me to the core. It made me realize this - this whole socnet thing that I'm caught up in - isn't all about business, or Web 2.0, or learning how to squeeze more into the day, or getting in front of the latest socnet site, or finding tips on juggling the chaos of a working mom's life.

There are life lessons and treasured moments that your friends lead you to with a tinyURL and twitter that take your breath away.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Brand Autism - don't buzz term a spectrum disorder

See Brad Beren's iMedia Connection article with my thoughts on the coined phrase "brand autism" live on Brad's blog - please comment there.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

The shift in marketing...conversational branding

Marketing is changing...the true share of voice - honestly, is consumers' conversations. We need to listen and join into that conversation. The goal of our marketing should be to generate consumer conversations - preferrable good buzz, not bad - about our brands.

We need to focus on building loyalty by joining into the consumers' conversations about our brand, helping them out with issues they run into with our products, listening to their concerns, letting them know we are not only listening but paying heed to their suggestions - valuing their's building relationships with our customers, becoming their friends, letting them in as our confidants.

Through a comment from Pete Bradshaw's, I found Brandon Murphy's blog post on the the marketing spiral flip flop which is an excellent summation of the marketing shift that's occuring.

3 key Murphy quotes:
1) "Instead of finding ways to interrupt and disrupt consumers’ lives, we should be looking for ways to attract consumers, offer them something of value through our communications, and befriend them."
2) "That’s a problem for many of us because we’re still trying to sell something to a mass audience. Instead, we should be finding ways to fuel conversation about our brands and to create something of meaning that they can carry to others."
and finally,
3) "The purpose of marketing is to generate conversation between consumers about your brand."

My add to that is the purpose of marketing is to generate conversation among consumers about your brand and to embrace the conversation by having 1) your ear to the ground, 2) your eye on your 3 screens, and 3) your fingers on the keyboard so that you can join in the conversation.