Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sprint's Wireless Revolution - What Do You Think?

Asking for your gut feel on Sprint's latest commercial:

Disclosures: I worked at Sprint over ten years ago. Also, Dan Hesse used to be my current company's CEO.

That said, I don't have a hidden agenda with my question. I'm just curious as to what others think about this ad.

I do think this commercial is authentic Hesse style, literally walking the walk. My quick take away: Here's what makes sense, 1 price for all you do (voice/data agnostic) on your wireless phone.

Nice finish with Hesse's email on the endframe. Transparent. Simple. Relevant. Now. Definitely a departure from Sprint's previous futuristic, light commercials.



Alsymer said...

Nicely done on Sprint's part.

I like the casual tone, black 'n white treatment and simplicity of message. It's almost refreshing to see something so simple and straightforward, though I still lament seeing the "legal block" at the bottom of the screen.

Daring, even, to put Dan's email at the end, but the skeptic in me still wonders how many messages sent to "Dan" will ever reach his desk.

Overall, a solid B+/A-. :D

Kim Dushinski said...

I love it. Simple and to the point. Plus, unlimited plans is just what the mobile marketing industry needs to get customers engaged. If people are worried about how much it will cost them, they are less likely to jump on the mobile web.

Go Sprint!

Ali said...

I like it - worked with a lot of the telco's that are no longer around (but grew up on the 66 corridor in DC area) Its been sad for me to see Nextel Sprint tear themselves apart. The concept is exactly what the market needs - 1 price for everything: allows us to focus on the communicating and not the price of it...the email at the end is BOLD - love it.

Tac Anderson said...

Good as far as ads go. I like the simple approach.

I like the email at the end - would have been better if it was his cell # :)

I would have to say the proof will be in the pudding. The skeptic in me wants to know what the catches are.

Yoga Mama said...

My opinion is probably too biased to comment. ;)

Good idea for a blog post though!