Monday, July 28, 2008

Social Media Roadmap

As you're building out your company's social media roadmap, I recommend considering a few, if not all, of the following social media strategies:

1) EDUCATE: To create breadth and depth in employee base to give them the tools and opportunity to actively engage in social and emerging media.

2) SEEK & CULTIVATE: New employee talent and corporate resources to better position your company as a “thought-leader” in this emerging space while tapping appropriate external influencers.

3) INTEGRATE: Create conversations that are media agnostic and evergreen; ensure all marketing and communication strategies are interwoven to create consistent messaging.

4) RESEARCH & MONITOR: Invest in socnet-specific research to identify emerging trends, shifting your company from followers to leaders; monitor brand perceptions to identify positive lifts and capitalize on them.

5) MEASURE: Use media appropriate metrics to evaluate performance against best-in-class examples.

6) INNOVATE & EXPERIENTAL: Utilize the socnet opportunity to evolve your company into one that is dynamic, interactive and relevant; leverage practical opportunities via networks and conversations to position your company for future growth.

I'll write more about each of these strategies in my upcoming posts.

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