Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SOBCon 09 Recap

Still working the listening angle, there are so many amazing SOBCon posts from the many bloggers that attended so I'm highlighting a few SOBCon attendees with this second of three recap posts.

A fantastic conference set up with a glimpse back at SOBCon '08 and highlights of '09 from Barbara Rozgonyi (@wiredprworks).

Steve Fisher (@stevenfisher)from Network Solutions provides a solid yet brief, day-by-day overview.

I related to Terry Starbucker's (@starbucker)Digilogger post because integrated marketing and communications is a passion of mine.

And finally, Glenda Watson Hyatt's (@GlendaWH) recap is the perfect one to end on and yes, folks her presentation did rock the SOBCon house.

And for even more SOBCon session coverage, see the SOBCon compilation link list.

We had plenty of fun at SOBCon, including the elevator pitch flash mob. Cheryl Smith (@cherylsmith999) jumped right in on cue.

Cheryl Smith's Elevator Pitch at SOBcon from David Murray on Vimeo.

And now you know where the SOBCon phrase "The ice man cometh..." originated.

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