Thursday, October 15, 2009

Why The Social Fresh Cruise?

Ah, there are a few reasons I chose to pay to go on the Social Fresh Cruise. It's coming right up - November 12-16. Why am I going?

The Hook
Well I got an email back in May from a close friend that's going. He suggested I go. He knows my husband and thought it would nice for us to get away from our kiddos. He knows us very well :).

He explained that my husband could take in some much deserved R&R while I connect with industry friends, listen lots, share some and learn more. Also, he knew that by November I'd most likely be finishing up my online brand marketing role at Embarq and could use a clean break vacation. He was so right on that point!

Anyway, the initial hook for me was his very personal "here's why you specifically should go" (aka what's in it for me?!) cruise invitation.

Sunny without A Deep Pocket Hit
The cruise takes off from Miami on November 12. It's freaking freezing in Kansas City in mid-November. I'm a Middle Eastern girl trapped in the Midwest with chattering teeth and purple lips for about 3-5 months out of the year. Sunny and 90 is very appealing to me period. Sunny, 90 and inexpensive - well, I'm all over that!

The Back Channel is Dead
When you live, eat, breathe integrated marketing that is mostly done through social tools, sometimes you starve for face-to-face conversations with no back channel. An entire weekend unplugged...actually 4 and then some days - count 'em: leaving Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, returning Monday - completely unplugged. My mind needs no back channel for 4+ days. Connecting with friends and letting go of the three screen update impulse - this is the most appealing aspect of the cruise for me.

Interested in seeing who else is going? A few of the cruisers are listed here. I think there's still a few cabins available. If you want to go and need a code, let me know.

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