Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weist Road Trip Ford Flex Style

This is a sponsored post. Thoroughbred Ford provided my family a Ford Flex over the weekend (no rental fees and no mileage limit.) Here's the story...

Some of you know our van got hit while it was parked at a local shopping center over my lunch hour a few weeks ago. I was meeting George O'Sullivan who runs the Thoroughbred Ford online initiatives including their Twitter presence, @ThoroughbredFRD. After lunch when I went back to my van, I saw a note on my windshield and thought I had gotten a parking ticket. It was a note from the women who hit my back bumper when trying to parallel park. I shouldn't be surprised that she left a note, but I was and I was very thankful.

I sent a tweet to @ThoroughbredFRD as I thought it was ironic I was having lunch with George and my van got hit...seemed a little surreal. George responded that Ford wanted to help however they could. Did I mention our van is a Nissan?

So after all the insurance stuff was finished. I took the van in last week to get repaired at Thoroughbred Ford. Because the back bumper needed replaced, the hitter's insurance covered the rental. George set me up with a comparable Ford replacement crossover wagon - the Ford Flex.

We needed to leave for a family Iowa/Nebraska road trip mid-week and the van wasn't going to be ready for pick up on Thursday so George told me to take the Flex on our road trip - gratis.

I really liked the idea of giving the Flex a go because I wasn't sure how our family would do on a long road trip in a vehicle smaller than a van. We have a 12, 10, 6 and 4 year old - so roomy is good on a long trip. I was thinking this road trip would be a good test to see if we could downsize. So we set off and the kids were loving all the electronic goodies of the Flex.

And now, we're driving back from Omaha. Well, my husband is driving and I'm typing. And we're going over the pluses and minuses of the Flex...
My husband and I loved the smooth ride more than anything else. There are a lot of wonderful, cool bells and whistle to the Flex - don't get me wrong - including SYNC In-Car Connectivity System, but what stood out for us was how quiet and "sedan-like" the ride has been for us. It handles amazingly, and as a mom used to driving a van...that's refreshing.

And the kids weren't on top of each other, they could easily get in and out of the back seats. The third row of seats is very roomy. Our youngest felt propped up and loved it and the older two kids didn't feel squashed in the back. There was no "shot gun" shout-outs this trip (for the second row.)

As far as the negatives, the only thing we can come up with is the gas mileage seems to be a little less than our Nissan Quest. I think the unique design might throw a few people as well, but not us. Most of the people we talked to about the Flex on our road trip commented on its unique outside design. Some loved it, some didn't. I liked the inside roominess and the outside "not so serious" look. Most people described the Flex look as a "Beach Boys, woodie" theme.

We're getting the feeling that our kids are going to be sad to return to our van come Monday. I know I will. Thank you for letting us test drive the Flex for a long Weist road trip, George and Thoroughbred Ford!


Scott Monty said...

Hey Zena! So glad you got to try the Flex. It's really a unique vehicle and it tends to grow on you (my wife loves hers). Kudos to George for making this happen!

Scott Monty
Global Digital Communications
Ford Motor Company

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