Sunday, August 19, 2007

"It's not the company, it's a person"

I read that quote somewhere in an article where someone was explaining the difference between a press release and an individual responding to a comment on a blog. I'll find the link at post it here this week.

I'm actually finding, I prefer a response to a blog from a person commenting on the blog in the blog - vs an email or any other form of comment. I received an email from the CEO of Fisher-Price last week...I wish I would have seen him respond to a few of my friends' blogs.

So if I respond to a blog, I respond with my name...not a "John Doe," and I am authentic, sometimes over the top passionate, but always myself. I don't shout out corporate speak. I listen to the conversation and respond in kind. In kind...yes, in kind...sometimes a little passionately over the top in kind but still, in kind.

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