Thursday, October 18, 2007

Twitter - helpful posts, definitions, stats

This is going to be an organic roll, as my friends and I find articles, blog posts, stats on Twitter, I'll be adding to this post. If you want something added and don't want to comment, twitter me at

In the Technosailor blog, Aaron Brazell's The Golden Rule of Twitter Marketing is an excellent fundamental on two key twitter points: transparency and authenticity. It's a quick "here's what works and stay away from this stuff."

UPDATE on Forrester Microblogging discussion:
From Jeremiah Owyang
Peter Kim of Forrester (colleague) responds to Robert Scoble (former colleague)

10/23 UPDATE on California fires:
More Twitter utility re: CA fires...see
Community Tweets in the SoCal Fires
or go directly to twitterers nateritter, ginatrapani or kpbsnews.

Sheila Scarborough's excellent twitter post jam packed with useful Twitter insights.

10/29 UPDATE Chris Brogan on Twitter:
Brogan's Twitter starter pack. This article on Guy Kawasaki's blog is full of twitter insight.

11/8 UPDATE Steve Spalding on Twitter:
Spalding's cliff notes of Caroline Middlebrook's robust Twitter How-to. Spalding's quick read shows business and personal uses. Both blogs are excellent reads.

11/21 UPDATE Twitter as a Marketing & PR tool:
Lee Odden's comprehensive post on Twitter and how to use it as a social/play and social/communicate tool.


nate said...

Thank you so much for spreading the word about my feed. Thousands of people (and hundreds of twitter subscribers) have now been helped by using Twitter as a tool. But it's only the beginning of citizen journalism doing a better job than mainstream. Here's some ideas on what could be done better in the wake of this disaster. I would love your thoughts on it.

Zena said...

Thanks, Nate! Loved your idea and looking forward to seeing it come to fruition.