Thursday, November 8, 2007

Joseph Jaffe uses social media to practice what he preaches

Ok, this post is very late in coming and I apologize, I've just been absorbing other people's thoughts on Joseph Jaffe's crowd-sourcing, social media extravaganza.

You haven't heard the bumrush buzz? Read on...

I am a Facebook friend of Joseph Jaffe, part of his Jaffe Juice group on Facebook, read his blog, as well as follow him on Twitter. Yep, I'm a Jaffe Juice Junkie :).

Joseph invited me along with several other folks to join him in his "Bumrush the Charts" social media PR event.

Jaffe asked people to participate in a monumental event - purchase his latest book, Join The Conversation, on Sunday, 10/21 via and help him break the Top 10.

Jim Tobin provides a great recap of Joseph's PR 2.0 tactics.

Joseph incorporated the social media elements he discusses in this book to sell it. It was an incredible event to experience.

Yes, I bought the book, see below in true socnet etiquette, Jaffe thanks me at 2:15pm:

and when will my name ever appear before Karl Long's again? Seriously, very nice touch, Joe!

And I'm over halfway through the book and using nuggets everyday in my current role, more to come...

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