Monday, December 20, 2010

6 year old schools mom

I was working on my son's birthday invitations last night after a crazy busy weekend. I did old school paper invitations - the kind we used to get. They took awhile but my son's worth all the extra effort...even if it's hectic holiday time.

This morning as he's looking at the invites he says, "Mom, we can do laser tag." And I remind him we can't, we need to do bowling instead because the minimum age for laser tag is six and some of the boys in his class won't be six yet.

He looks at me and starts grinning, "Mom, everyone in my class is six...some are even seven."

I grab an invite. I had written in really cute calligraphy script "Come Celebrate LT's 6th Birthday!" for 15 invitations. Sixth! WTH?! He's turning S E V E N. UGH!!!!! I gave birth to this kid and I have him turning six again...sigh. 

My son says, "Mom, I think you might be seriously losing it." I made a mental note to remind myself not to keep saying to the kids, "You are seriously going to make me lose it." 

We all got a good laugh out of my mistake and I breathed a sigh of relief that I didn't send the invites out. Phew!

Oh and I'm still going with old school invites for 7th birthday laser tag style fun...but I'm nixing the calligraphy, and of course my six year old is proofing each one.


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Greg Matthews said...

Zena, this is hysterical - and I can TOTALLY relate! First, I am really hoping that my 6 year old (the baby) will KEEP being the baby. Second, my wife has the "losing it" conversations many times per week ... sure that my kids could recite it verbatim as well! Thanks for sharing ... definitely gave me a chuckle.

jennidoyle said...

Maybe you were just wanting to keep him 6 for one more year!

Seriously, thanks for sharing! Every parent should be able to stop and laugh at themselves every once in a while!