Monday, March 5, 2012

Operationalizing Social Media To Become A Social Business

Last month, I zipped through the following deck at Jason Fall's Social Media Explore Summit in Dallas. It includes two Fortune 500 case studies discussing how firms incorporate social media into enterprise-wide programs. I was lucky enough to have led both initiatives - one with a C-suite champion and one without.

Though I cut the presentation down by half, there's just too much content to cover during a 30 minute talk. I felt like I was running a marathon and though the Dallas crowd was very responsive, I know I should have kept to key points tha help tackle cross-functional social media programs. In fact, Jason reminded me last week to "whittle the sucker down to core points, dammit." ;)

So for Nashville's Explore, I will be slashing the copy, cutting out slides and focusing on sharing the social business headlines. I will be explaining the watch-outs and providing you with core takeaways while weaving in Edelman's social business methodology along the way to help reinforce the key guiding principles that will help you make your enterprise-wide social media initiatives successful. I hope to see you in Nashville on April 13!

In the meantime, check back here for deeper dive points of consideration from the above deck. I promise these posts will be in bit-size, right-size digestible chunks for you to have for reference while you are developing your enterprise-wide social business plan.

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