Thursday, December 6, 2007

Inbox 2.0

I've been mulling over some posts about Inbox 2.0.

Is what Yahoo and Google are delving into really the next evolution in social networking sites? I might be simplifying it but to me, everything I've seen shows me more of a LinkedIn management functionality with all the mail components we are used to seeing but crystalized - kinda like going from standard tube to HDTV.

The Google and Yahoos of the world are creating a way to help us manage our social media tool kits. I don't know that their Inbox 2.0 will meld into trumping social networking sites per se.

I have my social media tools that help me manage and optimmize my relationships, however there's more to SNS. There's the networks, groups, apps (some useful, some fun, some random.) There's the reaching out to friends of friends through various activities on SNS. There's the ah-ha stumbling upon information that you come across while catching up with your friends' lives through their profiles.

With that said, there's the contextual tracking part that gives me the weebie jeebies in a small way. Do I want information gathered on the email context of every message I receive? Do I want advertising shown to me, contact possibilities given to me from the information that comes through my email? If I'm getting my email app and storage for free - well maybe. As long as I can decide the parameters and can opt-in to the behavorial targeting options - well maybe.

I'm looking forward to the mesh up montage that allows me to have my social media tool kit in one place, provides me with the technology to fine tune it and keep the information I want to stay personal - actually personal - not having to opt-out to keep it personal.

Here's a few Inbox 2.0 articles:
Deva from Email Dashboard provides food for email thought
Brian Solis' Inbox 2.0 strategies post
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Lots of discussion going on. We'll see how it pans out.

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