Friday, December 28, 2007

Jeremiah's post: Defining Online Community

As I have become more entrenched in social media over the last few months, I have experienced some fairly impressive social networking moments. Most of events have been wide-sweeping with major buzz to boot, others have been...I guess what you would call little online whispers - very little conversations but the content is extremely important to me.

Some of my non-work related social networking highlights include: receiving an endearing "pay it forward" compliment on facebook; being part of Beth Kanter's amazing efforts with the help of Chris Brogan to raise enough money ($10/contributor) within 24 hours to send a Cambodian woman, Leng Sopharath, to college; helping the fight against breast cancer through Frozen Pea Fridays: experiencing bumrushing the charts for Joseph Jaffe's Join The Conversation; having my nieces and nephew choose to friend me on MySpace and Facebook, being interviewed by Kim Dushinski for her soon-to-be released mobile marketing book; and, yet another moment today with Jeremiah.

This morning Jeremiah set out to define "online community" through a posting on his Web Strategy blog, followed up with twitter dialogue and blog conversation. He is asking the community to hone in on its self-defined term until the definiton "online community" melds into that which it is...real-time.

Community sourcing at its finest.

I'm looking forward to this community-made and endorsed "online community" definition to be posted on wikipedia.


kanter said...


I'm so honored that you were part of the effort to help Leng Sopharath! I really appreciate it! (BTW, she's Cambodian!:-)

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Zena said...

Thanks for the post, Beth. I'll update Leng's nationality in my original post. Thanks for the link.

Happy '08!

kanter said...


He he he .. just saw that you imported this post to Facebook .. and I clicked over the comment - and forgot I already commented! Holiday sluggishness .

Anyway, you rock!!

Check out this wonderful story about this wired cambodian who is helping

Jeremiah Owyang said...

Thanks for featuring me!

I really believe in being a practitioner of the tools that I analyze.

I also recognize how crowdsourcing can enhance my research process, so far, it's been productive.