Tuesday, November 27, 2012

CFCA Trip - Compliation Post: What I Need To Pack for my Guatemala Mission Awareness Trip

So I asked you through this blog,  Facebook and Twitter what three things I should pack for my upcoming CFCA mission awareness trip to Guatemala. You know good advice comes in threes and here's the excellent suggestions I received and am planning to pack:

  • Peanut Butter - Angela Robson
  • Multi-purpose wet wipes - Kerry Bettenhausen  and Erica McClenny 
  • Use your phone to take pictures of any prescription bottles for meds you may take, your passport/travel docs, etc. If you misplace anything or need a prescription, get questioned about a med at customs inspection, etc. it makes things so much easier - Matt Ridings (#lightbulbbrilliant)
  • Good shoes - Katelynn G
  •  Toilet paper - Veronica
  • A small bottle of pure tea tea oil - it works as natural astringent and bug repellant for scratches and bug bites - Kerry Bettenhausen  
  • A Camera - Shanxi
  • Crafts for the kids - Angela Robson
  • Water Purifying Bottles - Erica McClenny (this was a oh-wow, they make those? suggestion for me)
  • A sarong wrap - besides being a comfortable skirt, it can be used as quick robe, towel or extra blanket. - Judy-Anne Goldman
  • Sunscreen - Veronica
  • Liquid bath soap - Judy-Anne Goldman
  • A light jacket/sweater for evenings - Katelynn G
  • Medicine - Veronica
  • Comfortable clothing you can mix and match over several days - Shanxi
  • Jake Jacobson is letting me borrow his Garmin Forerunner so I can share with you where I've traveled every day of my trip - Thanks, Jake! - Jake Jacobson
  • And my favorite - Matt's Travel Gear Pinterest Board (lots of great ideas for all your travel).
 Thanks to everyone for all the great ideas around question number one! 

I don't leave for Guatemala until December 26th so keep the suggestions coming. My next CFCA post will be question number two as I crowdsource my way to prepping for this wonderful trip.

Find out more about why I'm going to Guatemala on my personal CFCA page.

DISCLOSURE: CFCA is covering my flight and lodging for my Guatemala mission awareness trip in return for me documenting my trip via blog posts and sharing my mission awareness experience via my social channels. 

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Bethany said...

The kids who come to visit loooove soccer balls, jump ropes, coloring books, toy cars...I would also suggest bringing some hot cocoa, favorite teas, crackers, instant oatmeal from home. The food is delicious but it's still nice to have some homey comforts.

My sister and I went on the Guatemala CFCA trip in June and it was amazing. Have a wonderful trip! :)